Before moving to Kansas City I spent my time on Folklore and Folkart


National Endowment for the Arts --Director Woodworking documentation

Smithsonian Institution --Fieldwork Folk Festival,Washington, D.C.

Folklife Institute of Central Kansas --Research at the Nordiska Museet , Sweden

Kansas Folk Arts Apprenticeship --Interviewer Storytelling

Mid-America Arts Alliance --Facilitator for Visiting Visual Artists

Kansas Committee for the Humanities --Administrator for Dr. Michael O. Jones visitation

Kansas Committee for the Humanities --Director Develop Slide Show

National Endowment for the Arts --Director Folk Art Documentation


Dec. 1995 Country Living Holiday ----Dec. 1995 Victorian Homes

Dec.1994 Country Living

1992/6 Hemslöjden --1992/Fall Sweden & America

1991/5 Hemslöjden --Dec.1991 Scandinavian Review --1991/4 Hemslöjden

1990/6 Hemslöjden --1990 The Clarion --Fall 1990 Mid-America Folklore Journal

May 1990 Slides for Harvard Center for Religious Studies

Director of the Folklife Institute of Central Kansas for 5 years.

It still exists on line --


"Ljuskrona in the Midwest" with Slides ---Oct. 1996 Missouri Folklore Society

"Politeness, Folk Art and Skåne Geese" Keynote Speaker ---May 1994 Swedish Council of America

"Reverse Painted Glass Tech." with Slides ---Oct. 1993 Missouri Folklore Society

"Sense of Place" with Slides ---Feb. 1992 Kansans of Color Conference

"A Remnant Folk Art Object" with Slides ---May 1990 Institutet for Folklivsforsking, Nordic Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

"Woodcarving in a Swedish American Village" with Slides ---June1989 Center for Folklore and Mythology Univ. of Calif. at Los Angeles